Living Stones Church is much more than just a church to attend,
but a community centered on the person and work of Jesus Christ.
We're actively working to build a great city, renewed and redeemed by the love of Jesus Christ.
To get to know us, you can read more about our core values below.

sunday worship
10:00 AM

Tompkins Senior High
4400 Falcon Landing Blvd. Katy TX 77494
If you are interested in watching online, or need assistance, please click the gold buttons. Also, you can go to our Church App (link below) to download our Children's Ministry and Student Ministry curriculum, activities, and lessons.

latest message

Be Distinct - Week 3
October 25, 2020 • Dr. Scott Rawlings
Do we act the way we act because we have external pressures to behave that way or because we feel pressure coming from our convictions on the inside? This week, we will look at three friends of Daniel who lived their lives solely on internal principles and could care less about external pressures!

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