Living Stones Church is scripture-centered,

service-oriented and growth-driven so we can

live, work and play for God’s glory.


Our Core Values

At Living Stones Church, what we value most is for all members to have a passion for the Gospel so that they Learn It, Live It, Love It and Share It.


Our purpose is to bring glory to God through the teaching of His Word. We believe the Bible is the truth, showing us how to model our lives after Jesus Christ. Our passion at Living Stones is to spread the Gospel to the world that is greatly seeking answers, hope and significance.


Our goal is to create relationship-driven small groups where both believers and non-believers can come to grow in their understanding of God’s purpose for their lives. Scripture shows us how we can be deeply connected with others and demonstrate God’s grace through the study of His Word (Acts 2:42-47).


Our desire is to serve one another – in our church, our community, and the world. Our joy is to be like Christ by serving others, regardless of social status, race or even religious preference, in order for God to demonstrate through us the compelling love of Jesus Christ to those who are in need.


We believe God has a purpose for our lives and has determined the exact time and place in which we live, work, and play for His glory (Acts 17:26). We want to be intentional with every opportunity to share the Gospel, through our words and actions. God has commanded us to go and shine His light in a dark world so others may come to know Him (Matthew 5:16).
To learn more about what we believe, please download our Statement of Faith.